EasyRepro – Automated UI testing API for Dynamics 365

Automation Test team for Dynamics 365 is should use EasyRepro framework. This is an open source Framework based on Selenium that was released by Microsoft early in 2017 and is being regularly updated. It supports V9 & UCI. Take look at the GitHub project for more information on the Framework.

·       Tests are created using .NET, something most CRM developers are already familiar with which can help with adoption and ensure testing practices as part of your development life cycle.

·       It provides you with XrmBrowser object which is a POM (Page Object Model) abstraction on top of the CRM Page.

·       It gives you API for some of the mostly used actions by the user such as logging in to CRM, interacting with forms and navigation.

·       Future updates may include the ability generate code by recording actions or using IDE.

·       The framework is easy to use and samples on the GitHub project give you a quick start.

Published by Amar Singh

Experienced in Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CE) Functional, Test Automation, Integration Testing, Data Migration Testing and Manual Testing on various applications in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft. Have lead Dynamics 365 Functional Team, Manual Test Team, Automation Test Team and Data Migration Test Team.

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