How to highlight elements in use with Selenium WebDriver?

Amar Singh

Reference:LinkAuthor:Alan Richardson

How can we highlight the elements in use with Selenium WebDriver?

A reader asked for recommendations on how to use Selenium to make the elements in use visible.

Note: The earlier version of Selenium had a “Highlight” command. This blog post was originally written on 20100630 describing how to use that. The post has been updated in 2020 for Selenium WebDriver.

The Question

Selenium-RC hadhighlightwhich flashed the control yellow. A small helper function help debugging so people could see some indication of what elements your script touches.

I can see why you might want to to highlight the locator elements in use at the time and error happens, if you take screenshots automatically when a test fails.

And now, with the notion of “Observability”, we might consider, how can I make my automated execution visible to an external observer.

An Approach

I would…

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