How to create Microsoft Dynamics 365 Trial instance?

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Follow the below steps to create Dynamics 365 Trial instance in a New User interface.

Step 1: Browse the link

Step 2: Click on Sign up here.

Step 3: Click on No, continue signing up.

Step 4: Once the below web page is displayed, provide your Work or Personal Email Id. Click on Next.

Step 5: Click on Set up account.

Step 6: Provide your personal information and click on Next.

Step 7: Choose your Country Code and Provide your Phone number for OTP verification.

You can choose either Text me or Call me.

Click on Send Verification Code.


If you choose Text me, you will get a SMS. Other wise, if you choose Call me you will get a call from Microsoft and Verification code will be informed over the call.

Step 8: Provide the Verification code received on…

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Experienced in Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CE) Functional, Test Automation, Integration Testing, Data Migration Testing and Manual Testing on various applications in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft. Have lead Dynamics 365 Functional Team, Manual Test Team, Automation Test Team and Data Migration Test Team.

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